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Full Mix has a studio fully designed for mixing for films for the movies, with specialized professionals to meet the market's demands with high technical and artistic quality.

With an area of 36 by 28.87 feet and 13.78 feet ceilings, the studio is equipped with 02 Avid S6 mixing consoles, acoustically transparent screen (Clear Pix 2, from Screenresearch).


The studio is certified by Dolby to mix movies in Dolby Digital SR-D™ 5.1 and Dolby Digital Surround EX - 6.1.



With an area of 19.68 by 13.12 feet and 13.78 feet ceilings, this studio has been designed for mixing products for television, short films, documentaries and it may also be an alternative for premixing films, which then are finalized at the movies studio.


It has equipments, which are specific for assessing and measuring loudness, besides the Junger Audio B42 for Dolby DP570 and stereo mixing processing, that simulates the metadata control for Digital TV display.

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